Art. 37 EEC

1. Member States shall progressively adjust any State monopolies of a commercial character in such a manner as will ensure the exclusion, at the date of the expiry of the transitional period, of all discrimination between the nationals of Members States in regard to conditions of supply or marketing of goods.
The provisions of this Article shall apply to any body by means of which a Member State shall de jure or de facto either directly or indirectly control, direct or appreciably influence importation or exportation between Member States. These provisions shall apply also to monopolies assigned by the State.

2. Member States shall abstain from any new measure which is contrary to the principles laid down in paragraph 1 or which may limit the scope of the Articles relating to the abolition, as between Member States, of customs duties and quantitative restrictions.

3. The timing of the measures referred to in paragraph 1 shall be adapted to the abolition, as provided for in Articles 30 to 34 inclusive, of the quantitative restrictions on the same products.
In cases where a product is subject to a State monopoly of a commercial character in one Member State or certain Member States only, the Commission may authorise the other Member States to apply, for as long as the adjustment referred to in paragraph 1 has not been carried out, measures of safeguard of which it shall determine the conditions and particulars.

4. In the case of a monopoly of a commercial character which is accompanied by regulations designed to facilitate the marketing or the valorisation of agricultural products, it should be ensured that in the application of the rules of this Article equivalent guarantees are provided in respect of the employment and standard of living of the producers concerned, due account being taken of the timing in respect of possible adjustments and of necessary specialisations.

5. The obligations incumbent on Member States shall be binding only to such extent as they are compatible with existing international agreements.

6. The Commission shall, as soon as the first stage has begun, make recommendations as to the particulars and the timing according to which the adjustments referred to in this Article shall be carried out.